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Re: Collect em all...

Posted: Tue Mar 09, 2010 2:04 pm
by maximus
I was just thnking..u could add spcl stone thng to ranias too ^^ .... !

i hope the GMs conduct this sounds PHUNNNNNN !!

Re: Collect em all...

Posted: Wed Mar 10, 2010 7:18 pm
by Djrullz

Sounds pretty good to me... :)

I also hope that GM's conduct this event.. Maybe for a Month.. :D

Re: Collect em all...

Posted: Wed Mar 10, 2010 7:25 pm
by maximus
Lmao..stop bumping topics just for the sake of it Dj :P ... !

Can ne GM just reply to dis suggestion once? :| !!

Re: Collect em all...

Posted: Wed Mar 10, 2010 9:19 pm
by rituel
guess dey r busy but m sure dey will consider dis :)

Re: Collect em all...

Posted: Thu Mar 11, 2010 1:17 pm
by Djrullz
I didn't Bump it....!! :|

I liked this event that's why I'm Writing here.. :)

Re: Collect em all...

Posted: Thu Mar 11, 2010 4:48 pm
by maximus
Djrullz wrote:I didn't Bump it....!! :|

I liked this event that's why I'm Writing here.. :)

Hail all...Pro ^:)^ .... !

this event is kinda the pumpkin event we once had in mania..but that was loong looong ago... n that was on a smaller scale... this can be huge ^^ !

Re: Collect em all...

Posted: Fri Mar 19, 2010 11:53 pm
by nitesh2010
Please have Patience while readin this post ........Everything will make sense after you read the whole lot...

This post has been written to reduce the efforts of the gms to make this event possible....I personally have done some little calculations in order to make this event possible ...

From my previous posts you must have gathered an idea about the event which i m looking forward to....

Exclusive plans for the event has been prepared Assuming the below conditions ...
1) Market price of 1 special stone should be around 500k
i.e. Market price of 100 spcl stone = 50M
2) In Mania , Normally a player can churn 100m in 1 hr easily .That makes 50m per half hour.
Therefore,A player should be able 2 collect only 100 spcl stones in a time span of 30 mins to avoid excessive wz in the market ....

Different types of boxes :

In this part ,Different types of boxes are listed along with the required no of spcl stones , estimated time 2 gather the stones , Aprox price of the box , rewards And the combination Formula ..

The reward for each box is divided in 4 categories -
A or poor
B or low
C or average
D or High

A or low items are those items which are extremely undervalued in comparison to the market price of the spcl stones used in making the respective box.This is optional as this may create a feeling of discomfort And lack of secureness among the players..This drops will go to extremely unlucky people .. 1 in 100 case...

B or poor are tose which is little undervalue .Almost unnoticeable..5 in 100 case

C or average are those which Provides a little profit to the holder of the box..

D or high is the prize for which the players will play the evnt . It is generally twice the market value of the spcl stones used .Chances of gettin this should be like atleast 1 drop of this category if 5 box r opened ..

List of boxes :

Red box:
- 100 spcl stones
- 30 mins [Estimated time]
- 50 M wz [approc market price]
- 123 + box with 100 spcl stones [Combination]
A: Lms x 100
B: Upgrade jewel x25
C: Upgrade jewel X50
Seigel / Tir X 50
D: Neri M X 100
Neri L X 50

B:25m C:50m D: 100m

Blue box:
- 300 spcl stones
- 90 mins
- 150m
- 123+ 3 red box
A: Ruby/topaz/saphire X 100
ing/odal X 50
B: Tart/Snow C / Stocking M X 1 [ any1 ]
C: Red/blue/yellow crystal X3 [ 1 each]
Dapur/aigis/kripis/kartas X 4 [ 1 each]
D: Neri L X 100
tresure of destruction [TOD] X 2
A: 100-125m B:130-150m C:150m D:200m

Green box: [Optional]
-600 spcl stones
-3 hrs
-123+ 2 blue box
A: Neri l x 100
B: Saving scroll X 5
C: White crystal X 2
Tart X 3
Snow C / Stocking M X 2 [ 1 each]
D: Neri G X 10
Small juego X 50
A:200m B: 250m C:300m-375 D:400m-475m

Black box:
-1800 spcl stones
- 9-11 hr
- 123+3 green box or 123+6Blue box [If green box is nt considered]
A: nana/karyon [ optional][value extremely low]
B: Small juego/large juego X 100
C: G9 parts X 1 [Lvl 1-10] [It should be type of the char which opens the box]
G9 wepon X1 [ lvl 1- 10] [Do]
Gold Brick [S] Worth 1 bil
D: G X 25
G9 wepon [ lvl 11]
A:400m B:800m C:900m-1bil D:1.25bil-2bil

Silver box:
-5400 spcl stones
-30 hrs
-around 3 bil
- 123+ 3 Black box
A: Ishnis + karyon/ Nana [ishnis is a must]
B: G9 parts X 3 [Lvl 1 -10]
C: G9 wepon X 2 [8-11] + Gold brick [S]
G9 Wepon X 1 [lvl 11] + Gold Brick [S]
G9 wepon X 1 [lvl 12]
D:Gold brick [S] X4 or the gold brick woth 4 bil
Letter W X 1
Unique skill lvl 1 [chat type]
A: 2.3bil-2.4bil B:2.7 bil C:3.2 bil-3.2 bil D:4bil-6 bil

Golden box:
-27000 spcl stones
-123+ Silver box X 5
W X3
Unique skill [max lvl 1,2,3]
Grace of shibadu
Soul of shibadu
G8 uniques
G10 parts
G10 weapon
Redyan necklace [mega drop]
Note: No categories Have been made here.This is because of a simple reason that making this box requires very high efforts... Nomally a very active player can make 1-2 of this box in 1 month event..

White box:
-54000 spcl stones
-300 hr
-30 bil
- 123+ Golden box X 2
Redyan necklace
Unique skills X 2 [max]
G9 unique [lvl 12-13][optional]
G8 uniques [lvl 15]
Grace X 2/3
G8 uniques X 2 [lvl 1 -12]
Lartek +Grace
G10 wepon X1 [Lvl 15] [Mega drop]
G9 unique x 1 [Lvl 15] [Mega drop]

Note: This box can be crafted only by 10 hrs sincere efforts every day for a complete month 2 make this box..So nt many will be able 2 make this one...Although with some exceptions of players who r highly addiceted the ones who would stop their Girlfriends midway a kiss to take rebirths, Finis off a boss Or to pk some1 who he holds grudge against...

Navy blue:
- 108000/162000 spcl stones
- 600 hrs /900 hrs
-60bil/ 80bil
-123+ 2/3 white box
G10 Set [type of the char]
G10 wepon X 1 [lvl 15]
G9 unique [lvl 15]
Warat skill 2 And 3 [Mega drop] [As they r priceless N in constant demand too...offer only for hks who make this box :P ]

Note: You must have seen that 2 type of making the box is given..This is because crafting this box is very hard And if the gms wanna give away this rewards then can put the fromer or put the latter ...If he uses the latter then only 1-2 such box can be crafted that to with a consistent and joint effort for 3-4 players...
I would also like 2 bring to gms concern that givin away valuable gifts like this wont bring a downfal in the donations from e-shop...This is like a bait 2 attract more players which has been described in detail in the last part of the post :)

We move towards the drop rate and the maps to be used ..As we have assumed earlier this event is possible if n only if 100 spcl stones are collected in a time span of 30 mins .So drop rate should be fixed in the below mentioned way .The way which was taken to do the calculation is also mentioned below ...
30 min = 100 spcl stones
1 min = 3.3 spcl stones

One player in general takes 2 sec for killing a episode one creep i.e. 900 creeps in a time period of 30 mins ..
900 creeps = 100 spcl stones = 30 mins
27 creeps = 3 spcl stone = 1 min
Therefore , 10 creeps should drop atleast 1 spcl stone

Likewise ,
Hatrel 3 creeps = 1/2 spcl stones [ drop rate increasing wit increase in difficulty]
Note: P1 will be best maps 2 collect spcl stones
Chlorence Field 10 creeps = 1 spcl stone [ They die in one shot like memora]
Chlorence Maps Every creep 1-2 Spcl stones
Episode 4 And 5 can be fixed by gms ... dont have much experience of the duration of time taken to kill one creep...

Episode 1-2 boss = 3-5 spcl stones [Except red , statue , graybone]
Chlorence boss =25-30 spcl stones
Sidhe field boss =40-50 spcl stones
Sidhe maps =70-80 spcl stones
Episode 5 god boss = Golden box X 12 i.e. 324000 spcl stones ...One should be able 2 make atleast 2 navy blue box ^_^

Maps : All Can be used Or maps excluding Memora field , wolfreck,elvenger,folkvanger,vemerden N fairmode....

Arguments in favour of this event :

A) ITEMS given away as rewards r in constant demand so there will be no effect on their prices..
B) This event Can be implemented for a whole month
C) player will stop screaming for events for atleast the next 2 months
D) It will attract more players And increase active participation of players in the game
E) The foremost And biggest point is that this is suggest by me And i ripped my arse off sitting in front of the pc 2 type this damn thing down ..

Extra infromation which must be useful :
This event can be organized in two phases..
First phase: In the first 2 weeks/20days drop rate remains in the above precribed form..This phase will help 2 attract more players as during this time their will be verbal promotion of the server and the event By the already active players ...
Second phase : The last 2 weeks/ 10 days drop rate wil be enhanced to let the players enjoy the event of a larger scale ...

After this event , the server will have more players than before .. The new players in order to give a kick start and some out of jealous will do shoopin from e-shop which will increase the donations for the server ....This will prove beneficial to both the server and the GMs.....~~!!

Name of the Event : Collect em all
Indian version name : Dabo ka jadu
Or like Ash karna hai to daba kholo ..something like this sort of ...

Some people after reading this must be think was i mad to write this down then i must say to u i was in travel and had plenty of free time ...didnt have much to do so calculated this up And i typed this in the night as my brother blew up my pc with all the data and i was stuck with this dam Pc with nothin in it.....

If you like this event then post your comments below And many thanks for them And if u didnt like my idea then i just have one thing to say in AKI style "Eiha mera kacha phat gaya Aur tumhe kuch acha hi nahi lag raha hai "

With regards ,
Nitesh ^.^
IGN= Shily

Re: Collect em all...

Posted: Sat Mar 20, 2010 9:33 pm
by rituel
nice idea u shud b made d event GM lol!!

Re: Collect em all...

Posted: Sat Mar 20, 2010 10:03 pm
by deadraizer
well its a nyc idea, bt in d end d rewards r increasing too mch
i suggest tht evry single box hs a chance to yield evry item, frm ppinty hairs n LMS to TODs n stabs n e1 GOS
bt d success % of gud gift increases wid bigger box, lyk tht 100 stone box wud've 0.00001% chnc to giv GOS, a 100000 stone box may hv 10% n so on, bt evry box shud've evrything acc to me :)
bt i'd hv to say, imba work in typin tht mch :D

Re: Collect em all...

Posted: Sun Mar 21, 2010 1:24 am
by maximus
Phew...Read all that wrk on the details Man....Uve reduced alot of wrk for the GMs.... !

Re: Collect em all...

Posted: Sun Mar 21, 2010 1:31 am
by nitesh2010

Re: Collect em all...

Posted: Sun Mar 21, 2010 1:32 am
by maximus
yea i forgot to mention it in my prev post...i thnk dead has a point...that will increase the number of ppl wanting to participate in the event..n eventually ppl wont critisize it saying that nuthing dropped whereas i was hunting for hours n shit like dat.. !

Re: Collect em all...

Posted: Sun Mar 21, 2010 7:29 pm
by Djrullz
Nice Details man.. :ymapplause: :ymapplause:

GM's please consider this event... It Sounds very interesting..

P.S. --> If you are considering this.. please start this event after 1st April..I'm really busy till 1st April... :P

Re: Collect em all...

Posted: Mon Mar 22, 2010 7:18 am
by maximus
No GM reply...Someone Atleast reply that u hav seen this seems u havnt even gone through it :| !!

Re: Collect em all...

Posted: Mon Mar 22, 2010 8:17 am
by deadraizer
I think they myt nt b considering dis crrntly bcoz most prolly thols r on der way, lets hope dis event gets implemented ltr on den :)