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Re: The Forsaken Child

Posted: Fri Jan 14, 2011 8:37 am
by Lime
Hmmm...maybe their hp limits haven't been set yet or it is too much..anyways the gms will have to work that out ... :-\

Re: The Forsaken Child

Posted: Fri Jan 14, 2011 5:25 pm
by deadraizer
well i wont b der newayz coz i gave up d game long tym ago, bt afair, u lose a ss each tym u die, ryt?
i wonder hw many ppl wud lyk to lose ss aftr ss n den risking d loss of sm precious uniq of ders to kill rabellu :P

Re: The Forsaken Child

Posted: Sat Jan 15, 2011 10:46 am
by Lime
Well i presume most of the big guys( 12th rb 165) have either Redyan necklace or uniq set so they dn't need to use ss..and besides those who dn't have well..they could simply put their set in storage and just give dmg..i mean there will be like many guys to give damage to rubella..all they have to do is just pick drops. As per as losing SS is concerned.. :-? well thats the whole point of MMORPG isn't it..i mean there has to b something ingame which is bound to slow down your progress..

Re: The Forsaken Child

Posted: Thu Feb 10, 2011 10:25 am
by vitalstrike
great harry potter story superb storyline but killin reballu is tat easy on mania hav u guys tried on mania

Re: The Forsaken Child

Posted: Wed Feb 16, 2011 1:16 pm
by Entei
Lime hey dude I'm sry but just read the topic I was like just WOW!! :-o U'r too good at this
AND dis event wud rock!! WE can mk sperations on dis according to lvl n rb divide the ppl in diff maps n giv bosses according to their lvls hwever dis event is going to be a BIG BANG!! :-bd
THIS ROXX MAN!! looking 4wrd fr server to strt and hpe dat GMs give us dis event to play!! :yahoo:

Re: The Forsaken Child

Posted: Fri Oct 04, 2019 12:19 pm
by a3teacher
Lime wrote:
Sun Jan 02, 2011 9:07 am
200 years have passed after the ‘War between humans and Gods’

when humans had been defeated.
The Gods Were Restless..

"How can u be so sure..??"
"The information comes directly from the oracle,the one who so far has predicted quite

successfully all of the pathetic mortal's plans and intentions".
Rabellu's face distorted with rage at hearing the calm voice of deneru.
"How can it be..we are the immortals not that pathetic little kid.Go get Khainen and hunt down

that kid.I want to feast on his head".
Deneru looked at the god, the magnificient and walked away slowly..
only one thing bothered him, the oracle said the BOY IS FIT TO BE A GOD...none can attack how can one think about killing him..

Forsaken by his own people,Blake walked along the road when he saw the glimpse of an old man picking up herbs."Hi,can i help you".Torrbier was astonished to see the serenity in the child who just offered him help."Who are you?""I am Blake". "so can u please pick up the these herbs for me?""sure sir."
After a few moments torrbier was shocked to hear a dreaded sound..the approaching footsteps of the hemmered .Quickly Advancing towards them, he shielded him but he knew too he could do nothing.The hemmered rushed towards them and torrbier thought this was the end.He closed his eyes.Nothing happend for sometime..He opened his eyes and saw the hemmereds were of them charged again and recieved a retaliation as if an invisible wall separated them from him."Lets Get You home old man".Torrbier was stunned. How can a simple kid like this bear such heavenly powers.he thought.

Back in town while the child slept soundly having got a home to rest his body, the elders sat togethar to discuss about Blake."This boy is our only chance to overthrow the gods".Kaduru blurted out excited."But he is just a kid"yarmo retorted....

After much discussion kingstone said in his calm n soothing voice"The boy is in danger.What do your think Rabellu won't know of him.She might already have sent out her warriors to finish him off.We mustGet him to quanoto and let Sioo teach him.The boy must be able to Protect himself.However i cant teleport him as no magic affects he has to travel on feet accompanied by our warriors"...

Deneru came running up to rabellu "Her Highness,The almighty,The orcale has delivered some good news.The boy's protection breaks at the age of 18 which is infact tomorrow.Those fools don't know it and they are moving him tomorrow as well perfect for us to strike and kill him."
"Excellent"Rabellu stood up malice in her voice."Take the whole army and finish them off".

Things to be done in the event..

1>The child will be rb 0 n 161.
2>He will walk from temoz to quanoto via memora field,wolfreck,fairmode,elkenver,quanoto.
3>He will start his walk and stand at one place in each map..and many bosses will spawn..
4>The main aim of the gamers are to make sure that the Child stays alive.
5>When all the bosses of the maps die the child will automatically start moving again
6>At the portals of going from one map to the other the gamers cant move through if they dont have an item in their invetory called the Magic stick which can be brought from yarmo or kaduru.
7>They have to 1st find the child in The map n save him n then kill the bosses..
8>After the boy has reached quanoto..Rabellu will be spawned at a specified map and the gamers will have to kill rabellu..and pick up the drops that it drops on the ground..

So what do you think...

Nice Content... :YMDAYDREAM: :YMHUG:

Numenor wrote:
Mon Jan 03, 2011 5:24 pm
Good Efforts. Did you read our minds through telepathy?
We are working over something which has some 10% similarity with this concept.. not with the child thing though. We are still working on a system which will automate our event. It is related to the new town which we are going to add. Wait for updates.

If everything goes well and as expected with the Proxima update. We might hold the above as an event sometimes in the new world. :)

Still Wating... :YMPRAY: (-|