Reintroducing Memberships

Any suggestions to make A3 Mania a better place is welcome.
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Re: Reintroducing Memberships

Post by Brodax »

Suggestions for Members :
-Personalized unique weapon flame color. (or any other cosmetic changes you can think of)
-50% less tax on shouts.
-Free PSP add-ons.
-Special Shout System(Explained in Suggestion 2)
-Weekly 500m RNG Box(Explained in Suggestion 3)
-Loot Scroll(Explained in Suggestion 4)
-Level 15 Gear - Enhancement Stone(Explained in Suggestion 5)

Game Situation :
As we know the game is stucked under a loop, people are doing the same thing everyday, there's no actual content left for loaded players rather than staying in SR all day long. Here are some of my suggestions i'll try to explain every suggestion in brief :).

Suggestion 1 : Daily Scheduled Bosses
Introduce Scheduled Bosses that will spawn on a specific time. These maps will be disabled and will only be Opened according to the scheduled time, PK must be disabled, Everyone who hit the boss and is present in the map gets direct drop in the inventory whether that player is w/o party. Make sure that boss must atleast last 10-15 mins.

I have 3 bosses in my mind right now, those are listed below :


Statue Kartere -> 12pm
Selvarb Fourth Floor -> 3pm
Greybones Room -> 6pm
Forge -> Anywhere between 6pm to 12am
One Extra Boss only Sunday Exclusive: ???

These bosses will drop :

1 member coin(Fixed Drop) + Cata, Stab, Neri G, Neri J, 1 Member coin, Crafting items, Loot Scroll, Enhancement Stone, God Larcs, Class based larcs, ect..... (These items will depend on luck)

Players can get maximum of 3 member coins/Day by staying online, 1 hour = 1 member coin. A player can obtain atleast 5-8 coins per day depending on luck, which will take them atleast 12-15 days to make 100 member coins so that they can buy the Membership pass without spending real money.

Suggestion 2 : Special Shout System (Member Specific)
for example :
If a player get a Unique/Rare item dropped by any boss, server will automatically make a shout like
Drop-System : [Player Name] has obtained [Item name] from [Boss name]
Same goes for weekly box.

Enhancement Success :
[Player name] has successfully made [Item Name] to [Level 11-12-13-14-15]

Suggestion 3 : Weekly RNG Box (Member Specific)
Players having Membership will be able to buy 1 box/week from NPC for some specific amount, and once the box is opened you can get anything ranging from unique to normal crafting item.

Suggestion 4 : Loot Scroll (Member Specific)
Player will obtain lootscrolls from scheduled bosses or RNG Box, that can be used while bossing, loot scroll will increase the drop rate by few %. 1 loot scroll will last 1 hour.

Suggestion 5 : Level 15 Gear (Member Specific)
Player will obtain Enhancement Stones from all the bosses in the server.
GM please Open KWAON's Room and SKYGARDEN for this, fix the drop rate of other big bosses.
The item will not be Destroyed once you use the stone on it, only members will be able to use that stone but it can be obtained even if you are not a member.

Level 11 -> 25% Chance
Level 12 -> 20% Chance
Level 13 -> 15% Chance
Level 14 -> 10% Chance
Level 15 -> 5% Chance

All the Elements in the gear will increment by 1% per level.

Suggestion 6 : Minimize to Tray
This feature will be really handy in a3 as people like to stay afk, it drastically decreases the resource consumption, as of now a3 uses 20-24% CPU usage & 600mb RAM when minimized, once the minimize to tray feature is added and the game is minimized the resource consumption will be drop from 20% to 2-3% and RAM usage will be dropped form 600mb to 300mb(Depends).
The way it works : It stops the game engine rendering, but you can still be in the game doing all your afk work and when you start the game again from the tray the engine will start rendering again within seconds.
I don't have much idea about how it works, i read about this engine rendering somewhere on reddit.

Conclusion :
This content will help Newbies/Maxed up players to keep playing this game, Enhancement content will take several months from players to make their kit to level 15.
This is form my side rest is upto our GM if he want to implement it in the game or not, Thank you.

Re-uploaded it as there was something wrong with the forums.
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Re: Reintroducing Memberships

Post by Tomriddle »

Very good suggestions guys. This points along are enough to restore player base if implemented 👍
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Re: Reintroducing Memberships

Post by zaazpandor »

first please increase betting amount in dog race
999000 to 9990000
for members no problem

everyone will get drops like snowman u have to pick or
randomly playerz get dropz whoever standz near boss..Better
even if u are in party doesn’t matterz..
everyone paying for membership no more ks problem.

SR and levelup map for all members
SR free of cost for all members
exp high in both map
SR and level up map..
SR free of cost

membership monthly

Silver —
weekly —500 mil
candy box monthly
g9 set level 10 monthly

weekly 1bil
candy box monthly
larc box monthly
nery g box monthly
g8.5 wpn any level 10

weekly-1.5 bil
candy and larc box weekly
nery g box weekly
g8.5 weapon lvl 15

Good luck 😄

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Re: Reintroducing Memberships

Post by Tomriddle »


Any tentative date on which you are coming up with this update?
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Re: Reintroducing Memberships

Post by [GM]Scar »

We have reviewed all your suggestions and have made a note of it. Memberships are currently kept on a hold until we finish some updates that are in pipeline and then decide the course of action. We will have to accommodate additional updates to the game, client and also the website for the membership functionality and it is expected to take some time to complete provided we are currently working on other game content updates.
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