An Appeal To The Maniacs

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Dark Memora
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An Appeal To The Maniacs

Post by Rainbow »

Dear Maniacs,

it is an honest appeal to all of you. Those people who are doing donations regularly, can ignore this appeal.

Please donate atleast, Rs. 500 per 3 months. Those who are students or feel that Rs. 500 for 3months is to much, they can do it Rs. 500 per 6 months.

I mean, this is what we can do, the least, as a token of appreciation for the work done by the GMs of mania.

If people used to pay for the badly maintained original a3india server (sify based), then as compared to that server, this a3 mania server is 10 times better atleast.

This is a general appeal, not influenced or sponsored by any one.


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Re: An Appeal To The Maniacs

Post by sanychocoboy »

yea at least we can donate 1k in 5-6 months..
thats not dat much ..

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