GMs plz note

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Dark Memora
Dark Memora
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GMs plz note

Post by Rainbow »

Dear GMs,

i would like to suggest that:

1) To remove the current bore doom in the server, due to lack of events, I would suggest a regular weekend NC wars for aura and non aura, which will start at a given time slot, during the night or evening.
NC wars are the easiest events to conduct, as per my view.
In such a scheduled event, maximum players will attend the event, as all will be aware of the timings.

2) Mingle such weekend events, with random NC or Capture Rune events or boss event, during the week days, without any prior time shcedule, like we used to have a few years back.

3) Please turn on the Pvp Alert system for fights between non aura players, who can have more fun. I know it may put a strain on resources, but can it be tried out for a few days. It is more fun leveling, when you see your name flashing in pvp alerts, when you kill or get killed :)


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Re: GMs plz note

Post by sanychocoboy »

Really agreed to this man..

u guys should make some automated in game events on weekend basis..

also pls open pvp system shouts for non aura's
this way thr can be some intrest remained in game..

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