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Bidding Adios!

Posted: Sun Oct 22, 2017 3:13 am
by Mortred
Before you start reading, just a single note. If you are not fond of reading large post or you are busy enough, by all means you are allowed to just leave this post unattended.

This has come into my mind a lot of times browsing the forums or logging in-game to write an open letter to what I feel about the game and the people that play it.

Going anonymous because I don't want any debate or discussion in this post, so folks don't reply anything if you don't agree to what I say or you get offended by it. But if you carry the similar idea or want to suggest something to let all Mania people know, you are free to reply. Just don't start blaming onto towns for silly things.

I joined A3Mania about 2 years ago, and a lot has changed since then. I was playing A3 India earlier, had a 50 level HolyKnight which I thoroughly enjoyed playing. Then left that game, got busy in to work building my career and a lot of stuff really caught my attention than just playing my most cherished game of all time. After sorting myself up, I joined A3 Mania because pin-system had made its way to A3India. Since I was just a 50 level HK, I sort of got bored with leveling and all. Some of my friends had already joined Mania, so here I am after 2 years of joining Mania.

Well the rest of the post has got nothing to do with what I have in-game now or what is my current level and how much in-game stuff I possess and of course how much did I invest in Mania, its all rubbish considering the point that I want to make here on forums.

Every time I log in to game now, or I am leveling my characters in Grnita Park and have to make booster, all I see is abuses and *maa-behn ki galiyan* and that sort of vulgar shit coming out of peoples brain. People taking names and putting it after / or then saying someone 'mr.kallu' . Its very depressing. The fact that people from both Towns, i.e. Quanato and Temoz abuse each other by calling such things makes it very difficult for people like me to read and continue the rest of my day.

The entire day, my brain suddenly goes in to some sort of mental stage where I ponder upon those people who wrote this and the kind of addiction they have for their character and also the sort of life they live. To be honest, I sometimes feel to reply to such comments requesting them to shut their mouths up, even if I did, they tell me to keep quite and watch the on-going drama.

I have been a forum guy since the day I joined to keep myself updated about what's going on in-game, or is there anything new in Mania that someone is suggesting or me providing people guidelines as to what character to make and how to help each other in levelling up easily. Today, whenever I open forums, all I see is some group of people flaming each other and abusing in order to win the conversation(I guess). Or its someone abusing from fake accounts, uploading pictures of players in-game. Or some guy talking religious shit, and spreading hatred among people. Huh! All that sort stuff, I hope you got it.

The A3Mania I started playing choosing it to be better over A3India is something that I consider making a huge mistake, its not because of the administration or any sort of incapability of me unable to compete with others, its just that A3Mania is not the one that it used to be. Its no more the game that people played for fun. Now its the game that frustrated people play in order to relax themselves of their own frustration and mental illness or just simply to say something what they wont even think of writing or speaking it from their real characters.

Most of the problems that I mentioned cannot be solved by Game Administrators. All they can do is ban people and accounts that do this, but all it takes to abuse or harass someone is just a new account and that's it! I believe the root to this problem would be in changing minds of those who this, and that's one reason why I wrote this post.

At this point of time, all I feel is to go back to where I started, i.e. A3 India. The sole reason behind it is being able to level, boss, and do everything else I did on Mania, but peacefully. Paying 500rs just to get a peaceful gaming environment and meet people who really love A3 in its original form, full of players who carry the same attitude of being better in PvP and not in abusing each other, should be a real treat for a person like me.

This is perhaps my last thing to say to all Maniacs: all I advise to everyone is just to stop abusing and spreading hatred among players from different towns. Abusing someone personally or harassing them by taking names of their family is not the way you treat someone. Its just a GAME after all, you don't need to take everything on yourself and seriously stop reacting to it. Learn to ignore a lot of things and stop getting motivated. If someone is abusing the other one, its not necessary that you abuse just coz you are from the same town. Stop it! If you need some folks as examples, take the foreign players, they keep there mouth closed, and that's some thing we need to learn! I see people proving nationalism and calling everyone else 'A Paaki' , so the next time you do that think what kind of an example you are setting to all these foreign players out there.

Bidding adios,
just another Mania guy.

Re: Bidding Adios!

Posted: Sun Oct 22, 2017 12:01 pm
by TrLoosers
Another T in a noob account.

Your entire post shows that it is pro T.

All the examples given in this post are of flaming by Q in response to the flaming by T.

There is nothing about the abuses, scammings, cheating, thuggery, cheating of "The Foreign Players" by people like Kartik, Basia, etc. None of the people have been scammed in Q. Why people get scammed only in T? How many foreign players left Mania just because they were cheated by these people? And above all these few T cheaters sell stuffs in RC to the scammed people. Didn't you knew that or are a party to their tomfoolery? Everyday you hear people being cheated by T but these thieves have formed a nexus so no newbie in T can stand against them.

Who started taking family names? The T started to use it against Rishabh Sonthalia. So what you give comes back.

It is my open challenge to the GM that if he investigates the scam issues, 2 ips or region will come out glaringly. Rajkot & Dehradoon. Also check the item inventory of Basia (Dry Coconut)/Kartik (PerfectThief something) and if you are so sincere (GM) you will find certain items have changed hands surreptitiously.

How can calling Mr. Kallu be offensive when Chutiya is not? And if someone is so hateful about his own face (read Dry Coconut) who is to blame for that? Off course not us but the parents of Coconut himself. And what is wrong in URL? You bought that URL or you are the guy towards whom the URL is targeted?

Don't act holier than thou. And get lost if you don't want to play. You will keep on playing but you don't want to show that as your bluff will be called for.

So as they say in hindi Stop doing Randi Rona.

I have noticed that it is the T who starts the abuse and cat calls 99% of the time, but in the end they get verbally raped by Q on any given day.

Re: Bidding Adios!

Posted: Sun Oct 22, 2017 1:16 pm
by khekhekhe

Re: Bidding Adios!

Posted: Sun Oct 22, 2017 1:49 pm
by khekhekhe
Be Proud of your color, because if u feel ashamed of the same. It will not make you a European Gora. =))

Be same and feel proud.

Kallu hai toh kallu hi sahuuiu.

Aao kabhi baba ke pravachan mai.

Aapka Apna :yahoo:

Re: Bidding Adios!

Posted: Sun Oct 22, 2017 5:35 pm
by Brodax
Many tried to Change the mind set of mania player, but no one ever got successful.
We are Indians, Only Moms Chappal Can Change us :p

Re: Bidding Adios!

Posted: Mon Oct 23, 2017 1:11 pm
by Gon
aabhi to koreans ki chaat raha hai vo 6kka jab pura ho jayega tab kisi aur ki chatega :p

Re: Bidding Adios!

Posted: Fri Oct 27, 2017 1:47 pm
by Tomriddle

Are you referring to PARAGON sandal?