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Re: Morgause

Post by nitesh17 »

Mr Elara was nowhere to be seen again as well xd.
Wanted proof.
Never got a reply after posting this link


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Re: Morgause

Post by kukadon »

basia stole money from home to play a3
basia was beaten by his cafe mates and sodomized for stealing their passwords and characs...confirmed...
basia was again sodomized by Nisarg Desai just outside basias house and he couldnt do a shyt...confirmed...
this basia is a sodomized kid who has just one aim in life. steal from people and the get sodomized...proved...
if you want your char back just say to nisarg desai he will get it back in 5 mins because it will take him just 5 mins to sodomized this unwanted pregnancy forcefully expelled from the womb by his mother in disgust alias basia

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Re: Morgause

Post by OneBoss »

I see a lot of hue and cry on my char named Morgause.

I’m not sure why is the name Morgause being dragged here by various over-excited and emotional fools like Nitesh10 as Morgause is owned fully by me. As far as the stuffs go, each and every thing has been eshopped or have been received in lieu of eshopped items, same as my other characters : Madame, Wukong. If any doubt prevails, feel free to reach out to the game master and confirm the same.

PS: Frustrated folks are requested not to waste their time in replying in abuses to this post as that won’t solicit any response from my end as usual. :))
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