auto skill use or potion use

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auto skill use or potion use

Post by shanky3195 »

Hello people,

I just started playing a few days back and have a few questions.
Is there a way to auto use skills or potions in the game? coz in afk farming i always die in few mins coz of health.
Why does mecy stop attacking every few mins until u move or do something. my mercy is of high lvl yet i die as it stops attacking.

and if you cud share some tips on farming afk, wud be of great help.

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Re: auto skill use or potion use

Post by a3teacher »

Dude i know u r afk farming location :D I suggest u to use lartek + Rn combo then u will non stop spam skills and also put some points in mana. Dont use any 3rd party software bcoz it might ban u.
Happy Gamming :-bd :)
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Re: auto skill use or potion use

Post by Tomriddle »

Better to do hatel bossing for farming
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H1 H2 H3 boss timing

Post by Lordofarcher »

Dear All ,
I am raising this topic bcoz most of us are not able to do H1,H2,H3 bossing bcoz that time we are at office or we are leaving from office . So since I have joined server I haven't participate in those boss.
Friends kindly give a suggestion for change in boss timing divided through out the day so that we can take part atleast in 1or 2 event.

Please comment , ur valuable suggestions may help !!

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