[Guide] Betting in Dog Races!

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[Guide] Betting in Dog Races!

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Though many of you have been betting for a long time the question still lingers as to how to improve your chances of returning from pulchir with profit. I ve put together this tutorial on betting through personal experience and testing.

The Pluchir monster races is beautifully laid out by the developers. Trust me the toughest bit of coding is to get random outputs in an orderly fashion.

The concept of betting is based on some simple probability theories where the odds are dependent on certain parameters.

The odds depend on
- The property of the week ( Fire, Wind, ..etc.,)
- The property of the monster dog.
- Stats of the monster dog.

You can work with all these and form some complex equations and solve them to find out that winning dog every time.

Or you can just safe bet.

Safe betting :

Is there a way to bet such that 7 out of 10 bets you always make profit from the game. Yes there is and thats what i have explained in the following steps.

1.Identify the safe bets
If you just look at the divident ratio for the monsters you can arrive at the most probable dog that would win the race. Since we are doing the safe bet we d rather choose the top 3 dogs with the best chance of winning the race viz. the 3 dogs with the lowest dividend ratio. Lets call them M1 ,M2 and M3 where

M1 - Dog with lowest dividend, highest chance of winning.
M2 - Dog with second lowest dividend and second highest chance of winning.
M3 - Dog with third lowest dividend and third highest chance of winning.

D1 - Dividend for M1
D2 - Dividend for M2
D3 - Dividend for M3

2. Set your limits.

This safe bet principle will apply to all - the ones betting with 100 Wz and the ones betting with 100 Mil Wz in their pockets. So set your own limits. How much Wz you can afford and how much you want to win.

Let us assume you have W1 amount of Wz and want to win W2 amount of Wz.

3. Calculate your betting amounts.

The betting amounts for each of the dogs can be calculated as follows

B1 = W2 / D1
B2 = W2 / D2
B3 = W2 / D3

Finally B1 + B2 + B3 <= W1

For Example If your safe bets have the dividends

D1 - 2.4
D2 - 4.3
D3 - 6

You have about 5 Million in your inventory and want to make it to 6 mil your safe bets will be

B1 = 6,000,000/2.4 = 2,500,000
B2 = 6,000,000/4.3 = 1395348.837
B3 = 6,000,000/6 = 1000000

B1+B2+B3 = 4895348.837 which is the amount of Wz you have to invest in the betting.

This way its enough if one of the three dogs win it is enough to win a 1 million profit.

There is still a chance that one of the other two dogs will win and you will lose everything you bet on. This is why always set your max limit to half the money you have. You can put the above formulae into an excel sheet and can have the values pop out in less than a second for every bet.

Do look out for the special race where they give the clue for the winning dog. If you guess it right you can master bet and take huge takes there.

If you follow the guide you dont need luck to make money in betting anymore. Its enough if you are just not unlucky

I hope this guide helps those poor guys to make some money and feel lucky
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Re: [Guide] Betting in Dog Races!

Post by Tomriddle »

Is this still working?
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