A3 Mania - A Complete Beginner's Guide

Here's where you can look out for some of the guides.
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A3 Mania - A Complete Beginner's Guide

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Before starting the game, read the a3 guide website thoroughly.

How to connect with other players in the game :

You can use the General/Party/Knighthood/Alliance/To All chats in the game to connect with players.
General Chat:
This chat is used to communicate with players around you publicly.
Used to communicate with a particular person anywhere in the game.
For sending whisper, you need to follow this process. "/character name" or if you need to reply, click on the character's chat so that you can get this format more easier without typing. This can be done in General chat window.
To All:
This is a chat used be players to send messages to everyone in and around the game. Requirement for this type of chat is 1 million woonz. Shortcut key "L"
Knighthood and Alliance chat can only be accessed if you are in a KH. Shortcut Key "G/K" for "Knighthood/Alliance"

Character Advancement Guide until RB 11-160 :

Ask a mage to level you till level 70 by hunting in GP. After then, go to Torrbier/Nermar and take quest.
Quest name : The evil spirits that i have caught before. This quest will get you till level 80. After that buy g5 kit and weapon from NPC or you can get it in Grnita Park. Go hunt in GP till level 100. After that take GP quest from Castle Manager of Temoz. NPC Name : Asten ; Quest Name : Misery at Grnita.
Follow this stats if you didn't take RB until you equip a G8 set.
When you reach 110 level, you will be able to wear g8 set. Ask someone who goes for Hatral bossing regularly to get you G8 parts and G8 Weapon. Get the g8 weapon to level 10 and g8 set to level 8 by asking him. Ask him to slot some little options in it. Then you're ready to go.
Spam the GP quest continuously to make up levels after 100. When you take RB, keep on hunting in GP where you get only hunt experience till level 100. After then quest continuously. You can reach RB 11 160 in a week or less.

Rebirth Guide:

What is a Rebirth ?

Rebirth is a method in which the character after getting to a certain level is brought back to Level 1 with 0 Experience Points, so that the Leveling can start again, resulting in strengthening of the Character.

After Performing a Rebirth:
1) Skill Points (Intelligence, Strength, Dexterity, Vitality, Mana) will be restored to the Starting Stats of the Character. Ex: - or Warrior (Str: 30 Dex: 16 HP: 30 MP: 20)
2) Character is Reset to Level 1 and Experience Points are 0
3) You will be given Additional Skill Points to be added at every RB.
4) The number of points allotted per RB will keep changing as the RB goes higher.
5) Every Rebirth has a Reward, Item Requirement or Woonz Requirement or Both!

Procedure to take a Rebirth :

Go to Castle Manager NPC of Temoz/Quanato (NPC name Asten/Liora), click on the NPC window and take rebirth keeping the respective rebirth item/woonz requirements in your inventory.

Rebirth item/woonz requirements :

Quests for Pineapple Tarts:
This quest can be taken from Quanato Castle Manager NPC "Liora"

Rebirth Crafting Guide :

I would not recommend new players who are not 165 level to do Pineapple Tart quest. Rather acquire Pineapple Tarts by trading in-game with players using woonz.
Drapurr, Kripis, Kartas, Aiigis can be acquired from killing Beta/Hatral bosses. Again, I would not recommend new players to do it. Trade them in-game with players using woonz.

Levelling up via Parties (Grnita Park) :

Formation :

1) Hunter :
Hunters need to be an archer who is having a minimum requirement of WD (Wide Darts) skill, Grahsat, Redyan's Necklace, Larrtek/Redyan Ring. They just need to spam WD skill to hunt monsters.
2) Panner :
A panner is a mage who uses sedemtare and pantoti skills to run the party. The player really needs to be quick enough to drive the party with more experience.
3) Dualler :
A dualler is a player who brings boosters along with his character to run the party.

How to dual and what is a booster ?

For Dualling, you need to open A3.exe one more time and click OK to the appearing Dialog box.
A booster is a fresh character created from the second game client. After creating the booster, sell the ESS to an identifier NPC to get enough woonz to teleport to Grnita Park and join the booster along with your character in the party.
The booster needs to be keep on changing so that your party gets more experience. Usually, boosters are changed at level 70. For changing booster, you need to reconnect the second client, delete your first created booster and create another booster and join the same party in Grnita Park.

Sources of Woonz for New Players and a proper way to spend to get RB's done efficiently :

You will get Neri L, M from creeps in GP and Sapphire, Ruby, Topaz if you complete the quests. If you are lucky, you may even get Neri G from the creeps. Save them in storage boxes and sell it to players to make a good amount of woonz.
Don't use these stuff for yourself as they are the sources of woonz for buying RB items. Don't consume Neri's and don't buy G9 set before getting your RB 11 done. You will need a hell lot of woonz (nearly 8-9 billion) for your rebirths. Don't join parties till you complete your RB 11 because you won't get your sources for making woonz if you join parties. Follow this if you are not planning to make E-shops currently.
Well, if you can eshop, there is another way to make woonz and level up faster.
There are sellers in the game who sell complete RB 6-11 set. Buy Grace of Silbadu (or) Silbadu's Soul from E-shop and find buyer, sell the item and make woonz, buy RB items using that woonz.
Currently Grace value is 8-9 billion and Soul value is 11-12 billion (as of June 2022). This way you can easily get your RB's done and you don't need to quest when you get GP parties.

Character Advancement Guide from RB 11-160 to RB 11-165 :

160-165 levels are commonly called as Aura levels and people call a1 for 161, a2 for 162, a3 for 163, a4 for 164 and a5 for 165 levels respectively. The reason these levels are called Auras is that they are way more tougher to level up and you get +500 increase in HP bar apart from the 6 stats points. Your Defenses and Damage given raises exponentially at Aura levels. The best way to level up auras is by GP Parties. Apart from GP parties, there is a class based quest which gives 2-3% experience on completion.
Quest Name : " Character Class-EXP RB quest "
NPC Name : Liora (for Archer/Mage), Asten (for Warrior, Holy Knight)

Basic Character Building at RB 11-165

Once you complete RB 11-165, you need to do some basic character building.

1) Make ESS 101
Level 100 and 101 ESS have major differences in Attack and Defense.
100 ESS- 200 Basic Attack, 100 Basic Defense
101 ESS- 303 Basic Attack, 202 Basic Defense
You can later make further levels slowly also because after this jump, every level will have 3x attack, 2x defense of the respective ESS level only. 101 ESS should be given 1st Priority.
2) Make your G9 Set along with G9 Weapon.
3) Buy a Dex Weapon
4) Make your PSP- Robust 6 and Armory 6 should be taken at any cost...rest you can decide yourselves.
5) Class Specific Basic Requirements
i) Larrtek (for Mage)
ii) Adv HP Absorber (for Mage)
iii) Grahsat (for Archer)
iv) Wide Darts (for Archer)
6) Redyan Necklace
7) Redyan Ring

It will be a better option if you could purchase Redyan Necklace, Redyan Ring, Grahsat 15 (Archer), Adv HP/ WD (Mage/Archer) from E-shop to save your time and have better deals with woonz other than these basic requirements.

Character Advancement Guide RB 12 :

After acquiring basic requirements, you can decide whether to take RB 12 then or later. I would tell you to take RB 12 right after meeting these basic requirements mentioned above but this completely depends on your mind set.
For RB 12 items,
If you are an archer, i will tell you to go and do RB-12 chain quest and acquire items.
But if you are not an archer, then make woonz for RB-12 items and buy it from players.
RB 12 crafting guide:
IGN : Hemime [RB 11 165], Airborne [11 165], Thalaivar [RB 11 165], Tamizhi [RB 11 160]
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Re: A3 Mania - A Complete Beginner's Guide

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Advanced Character Building Guide :

After meeting basic requirements for your character, you can follow this for better results.

1) Buy a G9.5 Unique Non-Dex Weapon Level-15 (for Warrior/Mage/Archer), G10 Sword (for HK), Grahsat 15 (for Archer if you had Grahsat 10 before)
G9.5 Unique Weapons have greater attributes for Mage/Warrior/Archer Class compared to HK class.
So G10 Weapons are preferred over G9.5 Weapons for Holy Knights. G10 sword is more preferred by Players over G10 Mace.
Getting the weapon from E-shop is most preferred here due to inflating prices via trading in-game.
2) Make ESS 140 :
When your ESS reaches level 110, to level it up further, you need to breed it with a "Level 60 and above" Shue to make it 111 Level and continue further levelling process.
You need to keep on try buying "Level 60 and above" Shue from Identifier NPC. Most of the times, this fellow won't give your desired shue. You have to keep on buying and selling till you get the right one.
After 110 ESS, for every level up, you get +10 more critical damage option.
After 130 ESS, you will get another extra option "Reduce Opponents Defenses by 2%" for each level up.
So, at the end 140 ESS will have
+420 Basic Attack Power
+280 Basic Defense
+300 Increase in Critical Damage
Reduce Opponent's Defenses by 20%
3) Buy G10 Pants and Boots and make it Dot-Maxed
4) Buy G9.5 Dex-Weapon Level-15. Most Preferred if you could E-shop.
5) Make Unique Set

Mercenary Levelling :

Start Mercenary levelling once you reach Aura-5, then only you can make sufficient woonz to stay in afk in Skyring. In Proxima Orbis, there is a map called "Skyring" exclusively for levelling mercenary. You have to join parties and level up your mercenary. It will cost you 200,000 woonz per minute. So per hour you need to spend 12 million woonz, per day 288 million woonz.
Level up only Archer and HK mercenaries because they have better passives and they are more useful in Hunting/Tanking respectively.
Start levelling your archer mercenary first and later you can make HK mercs.
I would tell all of you to stop your mercenary levelling at 201 because after 201 mercenary levelling will be damn slow and you will need a lot of patience to level further. For levelling your merc till 201, you will need 3-4 months approx. For Levelling from 201-300 you will need 1-2 years of time. So, think before you want to level further.
First level you Archer Mercenaries and equip Grahsat in it to give more support for damage on bosses. Ranger Mercenaries are more important for mages than any other class because a mage alone can acquire woonz faster than any other classes by Hatral bossing.
Level HK merc till 102 for all classes as you might need these passives. For Archer/Mage classes (classes which can give range damage) level your HK merc till 201 to tank Ranias and similar bosses.

Conclusion and Disclaimer before entering the game :

This game has a Player vs. Player mode and anyone can kill you in any random maps except SR. You have to hold control key to be able to attack players. Initially at lower levels you won't be able to tank players and you will die in map if any player attacks you. As time goes and your level increases, you should be creative enough to put your stats, passives in a right way so that players won't be able to kill you. This concept of Player Killing is related to the town you're in. If any opponent town player sees you in maps, they try killing you. Player killing keeps the game alive. Exploring all the possibilities in Player vs. Player is the game to find out. Wars, PvP, Arena 1v1 are the best ways to pass your time in-game. Hope everyone takes Player Killing in a right way and not blame the Admins/Gamemasters for bugs/favoring a particular group/town etc.
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Re: A3 Mania - A Complete Beginner's Guide

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How can i make a Best Passives for a my warrior
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