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Supa Bulk Buying

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BUYING stuffs in Bulk and below is my given offer...Me Need Snow C*25, Stocking M*15, Kartas*20, Drapurr* 15, Aigis*20, Kripis*8, Tarts*40

Snow C 25 Normal rate 4000M(@160M each) Me buying at 3500M(@140Meach)
StockingM 15 Normal rate 15 600M(@ 40M each) Me buying at 500M(@ 34Meach)
Kartas 20 Normal rate 1300M(@ 65M each) Me buying at 1100M(@ 55Meach)
Drapur 15 Normal rate 375M(@ 25M each) Me buying at 300M(@ 20meach)
Aigis 20 Normal rate 600M(@ 30M each) Me buying at 500M(@ 25Meach)
Kripis 8 Normal rate 160M(@ 20M each) Me buying at 144M(@ 18Meach)
Tarts 40 Normal rate 2400M(@ 60M each) Me buying at 1800M(@ 45Meach)

Above is the table of required amount stuffs i need and at the rate i wish to buy due to bulk buying...

Or any1 taking contract to get all the above stuffs at the mentioned rate Pme ingame, 5k me or state ur offers in this post.....Wz ready....wont be buying in peices....
Would prefer to buy it in wholesale but just incase u need wz immediately wud buy the
stuffs in pieces at the stated rate...Anybody having the stuffs and is just too bored to wait and sell it in shops(wich takes tym) and is in need of quick wz, the above rate is specially for those ppl, coz me got wz ready....

Most importantly if deal doent takes place plzz keep it amicable...i had got lots of Pms due to my last post in market area(yes its not a dead forum ) plz dont feel offended so no abusing etc .....

I work on demand and supply mode...So just incase if i dunt get stuffs at the rate i wish to buy i myt change the pricing structure....nywayz thats for the l8er part

Until then Maniacs Ciao


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