Challenging any Q Archer character 1 vs 1 NR

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Challenging any Q Archer character 1 vs 1 NR

Post by Tomriddle »

I just wanna challenge any Q archer Character out there to see whether anyone have the guts to defeat me in a 1 vs 1 NR Challenge in normal world maps. Please reply below if anyone is interested! :D

Re: Don't show excuse like -" please remove dex" , "lol please don't heal in dex" etc.
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Re: Challenging any Q Archer character 1 vs 1 NR

Post by hardgod »

I think whoever post this challenge is just 4-6 year old kid :-ss . Btw HK is made for PVP and this noob
calling archers with dex. Better challenge a HK with dex or non dex in arena the best place where u can fight(there you cant use any candies MP or HP).

I know one of my frnd in a3 india who defeat 2 hk of same lvl in 1 pot in arena. So gameplay matter for Hk.

Best part of this Post when i saw a HK (noob-as didn't saw any HK calling some player to fight with dex) calling Archers I didn't stop my myself to outburst hahhahahahhaha =)) .

Lets hope this player have some hope to call any Hk rest i am leaving on GOD (May his soul rest in peace).

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