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Server Modifications

Post by [GM]Scar » Fri Apr 09, 2010 7:16 pm

Hello everyone,

These are the Updates that have been Made to the Server.

1. Check Payment Information displays Only Hours and Minutes. Its Official like with a Chime Notification.

2. Quest Rewards for Linsen Quest have been Changed. You will Acquire Topaz X 2 , Sapphire X 2 and Ruby X 2.

3. Bonus Maps has been Enabled again with lot more creeps. Will post more information about it in a Separate Topic.

4. Hillhart has been changed to Forge of Egonil with Original Clear Textures.

5. Grade 8 Unique Set Crafting has been Added. Blade will post the Combination Table.

6. Merc Resurrection Potion has been added to Premium Items. You can buy the Potion and Resurrect the Merc by dragging and Dropping the Merc Resurrection Potion directly on the Mercenary.
7. Mercenary Changes have taken Effect. More information about the change can be found here : ... t2294.html

8. Client Bug Fixes and Few Translations have been Fixed.

9. Costumes can now be stored in the Storage.

10. Added Spam Control to the Client. You cannot type same message more than 3 times.

11. Replaced Greybone Room with Grinta Park. You can enter Grnita Park directly from Quanato and Temoz. Greybone room has been change to Sky Garden.

12. Update issues with the Updater has been fixed. The Updater should be working fine now. Please do a Client Full Check.

Thank you! Hope you like the Updates.
A3 Mania Server Dev.

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