Need Testers for Unique Set

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Need Testers for Unique Set

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Dear Players,

As you all are aware that we have Implemented Unique Sets and Some of them have already crafted them, we are curious about some possible bugs associated with the Unique Sets that may bother us.

We have had a very little testing of the 562 due to lack of time, hence bugs are obvious.

After having a Word with Blade, Warrior and Numenor, We have decided to hand over Unique Kits to selected players for testing. We would take back the Items once the testing is complete.

If you wish to be a Tester, your account has to comply with the Following Rules.

Few Rules and Regulations for Application:
1. Main Character of your account should be RB 8 and you should have 1500 Strength, Int and 1200 Dex.

2. The account or the character should not have any Ban, Hack or Scam history. This means that any character who got hacked, Scammed or Ban due to some reason will not be eligible for being a Tester.

3. Should have Good Command in English. We are sorry for this Rule, but Incase if anyone finds any bug, we want them to be more descriptive to save our time and help resolve the issue better.

4. Character should not be shared with any other person. Even a single login from Foreign IP will attract penalty.

5. You are not supposed to discuss about the Unique Set or the Progress of Testing with any other Player either Personally or Ingame.

6. You shouldn't deal or just show the Unique Set to Anyone.

7. We would be giving you Plain Kits (3 Parts) and 1 Billion Woonz, which should ONLY BE USED FOR ADDING OPTIONS ON THE KIT.

8. We have the right to abandon testing at any time based on the feedback that we receive.

9. You are not supposed to use the Forum to discuss about any Possible Bugs. You will have to send a Mail to along with screenshots and proper explanation from the ALTERNATE EMAIL ID ONLY.

10. Violation of any Rule would attract penalty.

11. Any decision relating to the Unique Kits will be purely to the consent of the Gamemasters.

You may use this Topic to post Applications : ... t2454.html

We will choose 4 Testers. A Mage, An Archer, A Warrior and a Holy Knight. Hurry!

Last Date for Application is 5th May 2010.
A3 Mania Server Dev.

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