[5th May 2011] Server Updated - Changelog

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[5th May 2011] Server Updated - Changelog

Post by [GM]Scar » Thu May 05, 2011 8:26 pm

Dear Players,

We have made an Update for the Thol Wars. We have been having issues, which has delayed the release of the Update.

The Following changes are made:
KH War System
1. Monsters are now added to Knighthood Battleground
2. Only KH War Participants may enter Knighthood Battleground
3. Forming Alliance is disabled if you are in a war
4. Quit and Ban issue from Knighthood has been fixed.
5. Reverse Cure is disabled if the opponent is KH War Enemy.
6. You can only PlayerKill your KH War Ememy in Knighthood Battleground map. (Melee, Skills, Razz)
7. Added the Knighthood Scores to Arena. You can now check the Standings of Each Knighthood in the Arena.

Server Changes
1. Removed the EXP and Latency Indicator Banner.
2. Added New Latency Meter. It changes color based on the Latency. Hover the Mouse over the Menu Button to view it.
3. Improved the Core Server Libraries. The Game should perform better and should be faster.

We have released a new Client Update. Please use A3.exe to receive the Updated files.
A3 Mania Server Dev.

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