[7th July 2011] Server Update Changelog

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[7th July 2011] Server Update Changelog

Post by [GM]Scar » Thu Jul 07, 2011 2:51 pm

Dear Players,

We have made the following changes with Update as of 4th July 2011.

1. Grnita Park, Class Quests and Pineapple Tart Quest have been removed from the Old NPCs.

2. The removed quests have been added to Castle Manager NPC in Quanato and Temoz. Please refer to the information below to locate the quest that you require.
Grnita Park
New Name - Misery at Grnita
Quest Giver - Asten, Temoz

Class Quest
New Name - Warrior EXP-RB Quest, Mage EXP-RB Quest, Archer EXP-RB Quest, HolyKnight EXP-RB Quest
Quest Giver - Asten, Temoz (For Warriors and HolyKnight) - Ilora, Quanato (For Mages and Archers)

Pineapple Tart Quest
New Name - RB Capability Quest
Quest Giver - Ilora, Quanato
3. All of the Quest requirements and rewards are the same. The NPCs are changed and older quests are restored.

4. Rebirth 12 Quest is currently Intact without any changes. We will change the quest to new NPC in coming updates.

5. Class Quests can be taken directly from the Game. Rebirth requirement for Class Quests have been removed, however Class limitation for the quests still prevails.

6. PvP System is upgraded to display a message irrespective of if you acquire Parole or not. In other words, PvP System is modified to support 2 way Player Killing. However, Inorder to control spam of kills, we have decided to restrict the PvP Shout to be displayed only when one of the involved player is Level 161 and above.

7. Ingame Helper has been added to provide Item Descriptions to each item. This has been added keeping in mind New Players who usually have difficulty with different items that are being added ingame with each update.

8. New Item Moonstore (I) and Moonstore (II) have been added. These items can be purchased from Amories in Quanato and Temoz. Right clicking on this item will give Lore to your character directly without having to use the ACP. Buy Lore option from the Account Control Panel has been removed for the same reason.

9. Class Quest option has been removed from the Account Control Panel.

10. The Following items have been altered and Renamed.
Letter H - Legend of Kwaon
Letter A - Legend of Robinhood
Letter L - Legend of Redyan
Letter O - Legend of Billmade
Please let us know if you have any issues with the changes made in the new update.

Thank you. :ymparty:
A3 Mania Server Dev.

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