[10th November 2012] Changes in the Server

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[10th November 2012] Changes in the Server

Post by [GM]Blade » Sat Nov 10, 2012 8:55 pm

Dear Players,

We have performed considerable Technical Changes in the Server. The changes are quite extensive and we have been working on them for the last few weeks.

1. Linux Core

Inorder to cut Licensing Costs on Windows, we have moved the Servers to Linux Platform. However, we are still using few Windows installations to support the existing Infrastructure.

The TCP / IP stack of Linux is different from Windows. Hence there might be issues with Gameplay speed, which we are yet to benchmark. We highly welcome your valuable feedback.

2. Server Memcaching

As you might be aware that A3 consist of massive data related to all the Accounts and Characters. However, only some part of the data is regularly used. Hence we have adapted a new Technique called Memcaching. Using Memcaching, we load the data that is related to the frequently used Accounts and Characters in the Server Memory so that it could be access quickly and without having to access the Disk. This greatly improves the overall performance of the servers.

3. Network Failover

We have upgraded our Network Infrastructure to support Network Failover so that in the rare instance of a Network Failure, the Redundant Network will immediately take over. We have optimized the Failover system, so that there is virtually NO disconnection even for a fraction of the second while the Networks are switched.

4. Game Updates

[*] Removed Pre-empitive attack and PK Penalties in Proxima. This includes Hamutz and Sidhe too.
[*] Fixed the Names of Monsters in Hildtu, Paratopis and Sirpel to reflect the Korean A3 Server.
[*] Similar Fixes have been made for Monster Names in RB12 Quest which were incorrect.
[*] Fixed issues with Redyan Necklace that was causing issues with Stats while swapping weapons or armors.
[*] Fixed issues with ESS showing white in the Inventory at times.

Please Click on Full Check in A3 Updater to receive the updated Client.

Please let us know if there are any issues. Thank you.
A3 Mania GameMaster

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