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Website migration

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Dear Players,

Our website has finally found it's new home. This is the first time we have shifted the website since 2008 when A3 Mania had begun. As a result, we have made some changes to the websites.

[*]Faster Load Times[/size]
You could notice that the website is now loading much faster. Since you might be aware that our website is quite heavy due to the fact that it has a lot of images, we have implemented compression which would reduce the amount of data transferred from our website to your PC.

[*]New Client Installer[/size]
We have launched a new client installer v. which is offers improved performance and speed while downloading the updates. Game files are compressed and hence the size of the game files is reduced thereby saving precious bandwidth. The new game installer is available here.

[*]Improved Email System[/size]
We have upgraded the Email system and now you could receive mails from the ACP immediately within seconds.

[*]Improved Support System[/size]
We have had web presence for almost 9 years and hence we are prone to a lot of spam mails which arrive at our email addresses. We receive around 1000 spam mails per day and it's often a challenge to identify legitimate mails. We have overcome this issue by implementing spam filters on the server level and thereby preventing spam mails from disrupting our support activities. Hence, if you send a mail to the support, you will immediately receive a response immediately within few seconds.

We thank all players for their support and for their co-operation during the website downtime.

Enjoy A3 Mania.

A3 Mania Team.
A3 Mania GameMaster

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