Abusing and Bad Language in Game

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Abusing and Bad Language in Game

Post by [GM]Blade » Wed Jan 20, 2016 11:40 am

Dear Players,

I have been observing that abusing in the game has been on a high rise with people using bad language for communication. Please note that we have 0 tolerance policy for abusing in the game channels.

If anyone is found abusing, I will be taking strict action. It doesn't matter who started the conversation or who provoked or who got frustrated. Language of abuse doesn't matter. If you abuse, you get banned. Don't create new characters or accounts for the sole purpose of abusing. If you do so, you will receive permanent bans on all your accounts.

Bans will be issued for abusers based on the following criteria.
* 1st Time: 2 days ban
* 2nd Time: 1 week ban
* 3rd Time: 3 week ban
* 4th Time: 2 months ban
* 5th Time: 6 months ban
* 6th Time: 1 year ban

I will be overlooking all the previous abusive chats and will start monitoring the game and forums to see if anyone is violating the no abusing policy and will start taking strict action.

We request all the players to maintain a serene atmosphere ingame.

GM Blade.
A3 Mania GameMaster

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