Ninth Anniversary Auction Winners

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Ninth Anniversary Auction Winners

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Following are the highest bid winners for Ninth Anniversary Auctions. All the bids "after" 24th September 2017 have not been considered,

In-Game Auctions

SUPER Auction : Level 130 Elite SuperShue
Winning Bid: 25.25 Billion
Winning Player: Rajputprince

1 Box of Nery Js
Winning Bid: 37 Billion
Winning Player: Peaches

Any G10 weapon of choice
Winning Bid: 4.50 Billion
Winning Player: Forevermahi

Any G9 Unique weapon of choice
Winning Bid: 8.50 Billion
Winning Player: Athina

Any G8 Unique weapon of choice
Winning Bid: 3.75 Billion
Winning Player: Powerhnpower

One box of Mark of Rubals
Winning Bid: 13.25 Billion
Winning Player: Anesthetize

One G8 Unique Set
Winning Bid: 45 Billion
Winning Player: Cursedsword

Grace of Silbadu
Winning Bid: 2.25 Billion
Winning Player: Bmx

Congratulations to the winners! Please contact me (Blade) in-game using Whisper message or PM to claim your reward. Please note that you will have to provide Woonz amounting to 1 Billion, 2 Billion or 4 Billion in the form of Gold (S), Gold (M) and Gold (L) and any outstanding amount in direct deal. You will have to come online in the character from which you have won the bid.

Eshop Auctions

EPIC Eshop Auction : Level 150 Elite Super Shue
Winning Bid: INR 6200
Winning Player: Corolla

Collection of Rebirth Items till Rebirth 12
Winning Bid: INR 1700
Winning Player: Bringbring

500 HP Candies
Winning Bid: INR 1150
Winning Player: Forevermahi

Congratulations to the winners! You will be required to send a mail to from your Alternate Email ID and provide your preferred currency of payment.
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