Weekend events (19/11/2011) & (20/11/2011)

Whats happening now... and what should start soon!
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Weekend events (19/11/2011) & (20/11/2011)

Post by [GM]Shock » Thu Nov 17, 2011 10:22 pm



Get your town ready for artifact town wars.....

Info. on the Event:

There will be 4 Artifacts in the map. When the event begins, Quanato holds 2 Arifacts and Temoz holds 2 Artifacts. Both town battle it out to Capture the Artifacts. The Artifact will be in stealth mode until its captured by any of the towns.

Pk will play a major role in the Event.
The objective of the Event is to capture all the 4 Artifacts by a single town.

Players have to be stand near by the Artifact that belongs to their town and protect it from the oppostion town players.
Once an Artifact is captured it will change its colour blue if quanatians capture it, Red if Temozians capture it.
To recapture the Artifacts all the players around it must be killed and the npc must be surrounded by the new town players. For instance, if Temoz has to capture a Quanato Artifact, all the Quanato players around the NPC (10 Blocks) should be killed and there should be atleast 1 Temoz player near the Artifact. The Artifact is then converted to Temoz Artifact and is indicated by Red color.

The Map is a Free Killing zone so no Player Killing Penalties apply.

Note:The Map is located in the 1x dimension.

Once all four Artifacts are captured by a single town the countdown begins. Any town which holds all the 4 Artifacts for 5 Minutes wins and the event ends followed by Prize distribution. All the loosing town players will be returned to Proxima Orbis.

Event time-6:00pm(IST)
Event Date-(19/11/2011)

Gift session will be held

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Re: Weekend events (19/11/2011) & (20/11/2011)

Post by Ghostaroow » Fri Nov 18, 2011 10:57 am

Nice :) :D My rb 1 a5 char Will Rcok :D

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Re: Weekend events (19/11/2011) & (20/11/2011)

Post by aseemaftab » Fri Nov 18, 2011 10:58 am

Sir my chars Krystal, Firewitch and Bruto are Still stucked on server from past 12 hrs....please look into the matter !!
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