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Thol Wars - Reincarnation

Posted: Tue Dec 10, 2013 2:26 pm
by [GM]Shock

For years now, brave warriors have been forming Knighthoods in the towns of Quanato and Temoz. However, the citizens of the these towns desire a strong leadership.
It is time for these various factions to battle it out for supremacy. These events will lead to the creation of the Thol, or the supreme Knighthood.

This Knighthood challenge will pit the various knighthoods in battle to decide the rulers of Temoz and Quanato. The ruling knighthoods of Temoz and Quanato will battle it out for ultimate supremacy and total authority over Hellmarsh.

Re: Thol Wars - Reincarnation

Posted: Tue Dec 10, 2013 2:27 pm
by [GM]Shock

Winner and participants of Tholl wars would get access to the castle and shops of the town. They will be able to withdraw taxes (Huge amount of Wz) and use the Hideouts to their liking. Only one town will have a Thol (temoz/quanato).

Here are the Requirements which every KH has to meet to put in its Nominations.

1. KH must be full.
2. KH should have a crest.
3. Each member should pay 500 Million Woonz as registration fee.
4. Atleast 4 members must be Rb12 in the Knighthood.
5. There should be no changes in the knighthood for future thol matches.

Nominations should be made in the format below. Copy it and Edit it accordingly while posting nominations. If not followed, I will delete your nomination.

Thol Wars will be based on Arena Knighthood vs Knighthood Match. The Fixtures and Timings for each match will be announced after 14th December 2013, based on the participating Knighthoods.

Code: Select all

Town Name:
KH name: (Exact with special characters if any)
KH Member 1 : XXXXXXXX (Rb-XX Lvl-XXX)
KH Member 2 : XXXXXXX (Rb-XX Lvl-XXX)
 and so on till the no. of members in the knighthood.

All the Nominations should be posted before 14th December 2013 - 9:00 PM IST

Re: Thol Wars - Reincarnation

Posted: Sat Dec 14, 2013 8:21 pm
by babybash
Town Name:Temoz
KH name: Gödƒêllàs
KH Leader : Critz (RB-12 Lvl-165)
KH Town : Temoz
KH Member 1 : Decendant (RB-12 Lvl-165)
KH Member 2 : Redeagle (RB-12 Lvl-165)
KH Member 3 : Bloodyarcher (RB-12 Lvl-165)
KH Member 4 : Darkbrew (RB-12 Lvl-165)
KH Member 5 : Christiana (RB-12 Lvl-165)
KH Member 6 : Gambler (RB-12 Lvl-165)
KH Member 7 : Jetsta (RB-11 Lvl-165)
KH Member 8 : Bloodyarrows (RB-12 Lvl-165)
KH Member 9 : Bloodbyte (RB-12 Lvl-165)
KH Member 10 : Ghostwalker (RB-12 Lvl-165)
KH Member 11 : Shadowfiend (RB-12 Lvl-165)
KH Member 12 : Fiercearrow (RB-12 Lvl-165)

Re: Thol Wars - Reincarnation

Posted: Sat Dec 14, 2013 8:55 pm
by CA_Harsh
Town Name:Temoz
KH name: Head†Quarter
KH Leader : Shily (RB-12 Lvl-165)
KH Town : Temoz
KH Member 1 : Leonides (RB-12 Lvl-165)
KH Member 2 : Jynx (RB-12 Lvl-165)
KH Member 3 : Aarizona (RB-12 Lvl-165)
KH Member 4 : Lmao (RB-12 Lvl-165)
KH Member 5 : Shaviks (RB-12 Lvl-165)
KH Member 6 : Dazzle (RB-12 Lvl-165)
KH Member 7 : Especia (RB-12 Lvl-165)
KH Member 8 : Graviton (RB-12 Lvl-165)
KH Member 9 : Shylady (RB-12 Lvl-165)
KH Member 10 : General (RB-12 Lvl-165)
KH Member 11 : Shlokaa (RB-12 Lvl-165)
KH Member 12 : Tangosandy (RB-12 Lvl-165)

Re: Thol Wars - Reincarnation

Posted: Sun Dec 15, 2013 9:08 am
by [GM]Shock
Nominations are closed.

Match timings will be announced soon ingame and in the forum too.