Rebirth 12 Quest

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Rebirth 12 Quest

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RB -12 Quest

The Quest can be taken from Elpuron in Quanato.
Name of Quest- Evil Land of Spatokia

The Quest is totally of 6 parts

1st Part in Spatokia
Reward-Orb of Brilliance (I),1 units
Scrab Hunt -100
Keon Hunt -30
Isilwen Hunt-30
Mark of Spatokia item -10

2nd Part in Grandia
Reward-Orb of Darkness(II), 1 units
Mozma Hunt-30
Eel Hunt-30
Fljod Hunt-30
Arma Hunt-2
Axe of Grandia item-10

3rd Part in Ertakin
Reward-Orb of Fire (III), 1 units
IrkadeKen Hunt-30
Irkadeur Hunt-30
IrkadeHagall Hunt-30
IrkadeMann Hunt-2
Dagger of Ertakin-10

4th Part in Hildtu
Reward- Orb of Ice (IV),1 units
Kobold Hunt-30
Voltas Hunt-30
Conliyuan Hunt-30
Guanzhhiyan Hunt-2

5th Part in Paratopis
Reward - Orb of Wind (V),1 units
Evil Worms Hunt-100
Magicman Hunt-30
Hotshot Hunt-30
Emurno Hunt-30

6th Part in Sirpel
Reward - Orb of Earth (VI),1 units
Memaid Hunt-30
Reptile Hunt-30
Tuna Hunt-30
ShuizhuBazi Hunt-2
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