[22nd January 2013] IMPORTANT: Support Ticketing System

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[22nd January 2013] IMPORTANT: Support Ticketing System

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Hello Maniacs,

I have been informed about the issues with the Support Ticketing System. We currently are under a Spam attack from various sources which seems to be related to online phishing and advertising.

Our websites and Mail Servers are hosted on third party hosting providers and they have certain restrictions and policies when it comes to mass mailing. Due to spam attacks, the Support Ticketing system is getting spammed with new tickets being open for every spam mail. Due to this, the number of inbound and outbound mails have got extremely high and as a result, the Mail server provider has blocked all mail activity on [email protected] and [email protected]. As a result of this, all the Support Ticketing activity has been affected.

We have been working with our Hosting Service Provider for the past few days to incorporate spam protection on our Email Accounts. The issue with the Support Ticketing system and our Mail Accounts is now resolved. We are currently in the process of clearing all the fake tickets and all the pending issues will be resolved within a maximum of 24 hours.

However, in order to minimize such issues in the future and preserve genuine mails, I have put forth some suggestions for opening tickets.

1. Always send a New Mail if you are having a totally new issue. You will receive the Ticket ID in the response that you would generally get within 5 minutes.
2. If you would wish to reply to an existing ticket, please use the "REPLY" option to add a reply to an existing ticket. Sending a new mail altogether will open a new ticket and such a thing would be problematic for us since we could loose a track of your issue.
3. Please don't forward the same mail again and again. If you have replied to your ticket once, your issue would be noted. You don't have to keep sending mails to attract our attention.
4. Include you reply above the mails that we send so that it could be easy for us to read your reply and attend to your issue.
5. Avoid sending attachments unless asked for.
6. Mail all the Eshop related issues to [email protected] for speedier resolution.
7. If you are having issues with sending an Email to us, please visit http://support.a3mania.com to open a ticket directly from the website.

We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Thank you.
A3 Mania Server Dev.
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