Improvement Suggestions.

Any suggestions to make A3 Mania a better place is welcome.
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Improvement Suggestions.

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Greetings of the day,

Before I start it is essential to give a brief background of where I am coming from in terms of A3 gaming. I and my friends started with A3 India back in the days F2P and later on was changed to P2P i.e. one had to buy refillvia Sify gamedrome every month to play this game i.e. keep account in active status. Post A3 India was closed I had very little and less contact with my friends, as there was no common platform on which we all could meet considering the fact we were from different countries and states.

Then we came to know another more efficient server called A3 Mania had started. As expected my friends and myself started playing this game back in 2009-2010. We thoroughly enjoyed this game all the way through 2011. In 2011- 2012 there was a 1st change in the game mode where the higher Siddhi maps with god bosses and maps like shrine were taken out. Furthermore Cloro bosses who guarantied 4 drops (mostly G8s) were reduced to Sms , Lms, Sjs Ljs etc (Crafting , Leveling and Reloading stuffs henceforth reffered as CLR items). H maps were you would get G7s and CLR items started giving G8 stuffs. This made the game more crowded as everyone could hunt in H maps and Cloro maps drops were pathetic compared to H map bosses. That is when many of us left the game needless to mention we all were getting to an age were the family responsibility and career took precedence over any and all things. After 4 – 5 years when I came back I found lots of stuff missing. Wrote email to the support team but nothing materialized.

Having stated the background these are some suggestions I would like to see in the game.

1) Make Clororence active again like before i.e. let the bosses give 4 drops by default. Wherein therein 2 G8 will drop and remaining 2 might be G8s or CLRs or uniques.
2) Unique drop – G8.5 uniqs + SOS + GOS + Lartekk + Nana + Ishinsh + Nana etc. Either of them must drop to someone after some set number of bosses are killed. Or you may choose any parameters of your choice. Or revert to the same configuration like before. Were such drops were rare but used to happen.
3) Membership is a great initiative but I wish it was like before where people could avail different tiers and get stuffs. Example for paying an amount of INR 10K. people used to get lartekk + G9 lvl 10 set + soul + 4 bill woonz every month for 1st 3 months + other stuffs. This infusion of soul in the package allowed new players to get RB items faster i.e. via buying after selling soul or making direct exchange of soul for RB items. This soul allowed majority of high lvl folks to craft their uniq set and in some case their G 9.5 Uniq wepons.
4) Opening of higher Siddhi maps. As majority of people who are currently active on server do nothing except bossing in H maps or Fighting in PvP. No cooperation to achieve common goals. Higher Siddhi maps brought people closer as they needed to work with each other to kill higher bosses as they were time consuming. People had to be creative of how to hunt a particular boss. How to trap him etc.
5) Current server is all about Archer and Mage – Mage for everything and archer for bossing. Warriors are as good as useless unless you count them for PVP and HKs are limited to give KW only. So opening of maps will bring these 2 characters into game play. As higher lvl maps would require tanks.
6) Leveling Mercy is another big issue for people like me. As I have 4 characters and keeping them in SR costs me 800,000/- per minute on cumulative basis i.e. 48 mill an hour and 480 mill for 10 hrs. Much more than I can make in few hrs of gaming every day. So members only mercy lvling map where one can lvl mercy solo would be a great way to proceed.
7) Discount on eshop items. Based on prior purchases the person should qualify for % discount on eshop items. This will encourage the people who uses eshop services on regular basis to use more. As this discount acts as an incentive for them.
8) On the discount part another suggestion would be - special discount on eshop items for a limited period of time. I.e. couple of hrs every week. As this will attract more people to the website. Which will increase the traffic on the site and get more people involved in the forums + attract new players.
9) Events: - Needless to mention the number of events have decreased drastically. As much as understand that this is time consuming for the GMs and Admins but 1 event every other month of the eve of something would bring in more people. Thus increase sale of eshop items.
10) More information on website – Earlier the website used to mention the number of people currently online in the game and other stuff such as, most and least number of players online at a single point of time (Date). Re- induction of Hall of Fame on the website. Hall of Fame was bench mark for lot of folks to play the game. Generally stats that showed up there were – People who pked the most – Highest lvl Mercy etc. I am sure this will act as a catalyst to bring back a decent number of people whose characters have gone dormant. Thus increasing traffic on website and in game.
11) Regular action of items i.e. once every 2 months. So people who are F2P also have a chance to get hands on better items in the most ethical way. Plus it stabilizes the economy of the server.
12) Instead of having Forge event we can go back to old days were Snowman was summoned outside Temoz + Quanato. Snowman dropped number of things i.e. CLRs + Gs + MOR + RB items like M , C and tart. Which encouraged a lot of people to undertake highest RB lvl available and some people enjoyed solo killing snow man.
13) Considering that majority of folks are trending towards make in India - a lit bit of advertising wont do any harm. Like what Sify did back in the days.

I understand that this is a very long list but if we can get at least few of them worked on urgent basis, it would make the game more enjoyable for people who are actually playing it. Sorry for the bad English as it is not my 1st Language.

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Re: Improvement Suggestions.

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Maverickzz wrote: Sat Aug 15, 2020 8:53 pm Considering that majority of folks are trending towards make in India - a lit bit of advertising wont do any harm. Like what Sify did back in the days.

IGN Dumbeldore Menshi Saloni Showstopperr.
GMs don't say you don't have money for advertising. Advertising will really help to bring new players in server country wise.
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