Renting Items on e-shop

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Renting Items on e-shop

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Hey Guys,
I am one of the returning players from 2015-2016, played a lot of other games during this pandemic, and came back to a3 for the nostalgia :yahoo: .
So my idea is that the e-shop could provide sets/weapons/levels for a subscription/rental, i am aware that will be complications with trade/selling(with sets and weapons), will talk more about that below.
Firstly, this would benefit the players like a lot because they can enjoy the server to the fullest(without the grind).
Secondly, this would also help the server bring in some consistent income in-terms of subscriptions.

Obviously, the biggest issue with this idea is that rental items should not be traded.

Solution1: I wonder if GM Scar could tag rental items with a stat "Do Not Trade", similar to "additional attack" or "additional defense". This cascades to a different problem with player learning curve, as all players wont be aware of this change and it will initially cause some misunderstandings.
Solution2: Rental items cannot be unequipped,this might be easier said that done, but something to think about.
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