Bloody Sunday Event!

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Bloody Sunday Event!

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Hi GMs,

how about developing a rapid event in which both towns can participate anonymously, like TOD, but not multilevel like TOD?

This will be a single Map Event in which predetermined prizes will be given according to kills taken! A short 30 minutes event!

Can be like this:
1) Players enter the map anonymously, transformed to a uniform entity (if possible) say a memora :D
2) Players bar should be shown on top for everyone to see.
3) No Town, No Party, NO Candies, NO Gls! Pure Pk or PK steal event! Even Chats banned!!

Pass system: Each Player will start will 5 (or such) entry pass points which will get reduced every time a player get's Pkd! 0 Pass points means Game Over for that player!!

4) Get points for Kills!
5) Loose Points for kills!
6) Final 3 winners get predetermined prizes which can be different each week, automatically!

To make event more interesting random drops like Gs can be auto dropped anywhere. Maybe some Snow C, Stock M, RB items, etc can be uniquely dropped!
Also, limitations on the skills of players, based on Class, can be thought!

Can be worked out, if feasible?

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