Bullying by high level players in "Grnita Park"

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Re: Bullying by high level players in "Grnita Park"

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I have been highlighting this issue from when I was new still this exists, as observed most Q rb 11, rb 12 A5 chars cm to gp and start pking low lvl players and even aura lvl players obviously in gp players concentrate on having high stats in attack and less in dex and hp bar , these A5 chars cm and kill with 2 arrows where we won't get a chance to pot also, they say it's party of a game , targeting whole party and following to destroy the party for almost 20 - 30 min is not fun pk, it's targeting to show off, this is a mental torture for lvling players , no 1 likes to die and loose exp in aura or non aura when they are investing their time for lvling. There are plenty of maps and opt to do PvP they still choose gp and disturb lvling players.

Only solution for this problem is disabling pk in lvling map to encourage new players to play peacefully.
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Re: Bullying by high level players in "Grnita Park"

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me sucede lo mismo que el compañero, mayormente es una maga la que entra y mata a cada rato, asi que despues de 4 veces que me mata ya cierro el juego y entro otro dia por que tantas muertes baja el lvl y es tiempo perdido ya q aun no soy RB 1.
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