New Player, would appreciate Class point caps

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New Player, would appreciate Class point caps

Post by shashup8097 »

although I've joined this game a few years back, I've continued to play it recently and I have a lot of catching up to do
so need a help to identify putting points for each class. Since I'm broke af in real life as well as in game with insignificant loot to barter or sell, I need opinions on point distribution on level with g8 kits.

1) HK
My 1st ever char was hk, and I've heavily focused on it, currently rb2 lv20. IIRC the kit cap for mace hk is 466 str and 238 dex, as for sword hk is 357 str & 347 dex for g8 kits ( I am a f2p guy :P ) which is reached by around lv 120-130. where to invest the future points is where I'm confused about as I'm yet to catchup how to build all the chars. I've invested a few points in mana sometimes just to keep the mana up for different skills

2) Mage
I just made a major error in investing on this char by making it on the same account as that of my rb HK. Even then I've made this char around 150 no rb by now, so too late to make a new mage on another acc. 1st, I do not understand the difference between ele and non-ele mage, even then I've taken the path of the ele mage. I've reached the g8 cap round lv126, I've no idea to dump the extra skill points and by what margin, since skills sap away both health and mana pot real quick. help :=(

3) Archer
I always wished to make this one, but only managed to level until 50s coz of absence of gp parties. Anyways I've not understood the difference or advantages of either bow or crossbow archers, so when I reach the g8 cap, I need to know if I'll be right to focus it on mana since archer drains mana real fast with arrow storm, explosion or ultimate whistle.

4) Warrior
I'd love to touch this class, but yet again I've been unsuccessful to follow which warrior to make as there are 3 potential routes. I had a lv80 warrior who couldn't muster much damage in gp, either coz of my illogical point distribution. Would really appreciate if anyone gave me a real good guide on this, preferably explaining where to invest things here overall.

Thank you :)
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Re: New Player, would appreciate Class point caps

Post by Gon »

CharNameIs :- = Aargon (RB"12 165") :yahoo:
CharName Is = Golden Fox (RB"12 165") :ymdevil:
Char Name Is = Rajputbhai (RB"12 165") \m/
IGKH = Cobra Gang
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