[Info] A3 Tax System

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[Info] A3 Tax System

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A3 Tax System

Taxes in A3 Can be collected from:
1. Castle Manager (Hideout Manager) - Asten in Temoz - Ilora in Quanato
2. Armory - Yarmmo in Temoz - Kaduru in Quanato
3. Identifier - Petbren, Bentren, Dellua in Temoz - Billero, Yiruk, Wilter in Quanato
4. Healer - TorrBier, Lunita, Elpura in Temoz - Nermarr, Pilpora, Elpuron in Quanato.
5. Storage - Mattera in Temoz - Mecho in Quanato

** Taxes can be only Collected by Shop Owning Knighthoods (Ertakin) or Thol(King) of the Nation.
** Taxes can be Withdrawed only by the respected Knighthood Leader.
** Each Town is Independent. Temoz Shops generate separate Tax compared to Quanato Shops.
** Ertakin and Thol can collect their Individual Taxes. They will not get shared.

** Taxes are generated based on the NPC Activity. Tax is charged only on Items bought from NPC, not the Items sold to NPC.
** The Items bought may include Pots, Body Items, Quivers, Weapons, Runes, Scrolls, Shues, Combination Costs, Identification Costs, Storage Cost, Hideout Auction Cost etc.
** The taxes can be collected at any time.

Collecting Taxes:
Taxes can be collected by KH Leader by clicking on the Shop Info Tab under the Open NPC Window. The Tax will directly be transferred to your Inventory.

**Taxation Rights:**

* Castle Manager
* Armory
* Identifier
* Storage
* Healer

* Eratkins can collect tax from the Shop that they own only.


Thol owns the Trade of the Nation.
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