which Mercy is better for mage!!

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which Mercy is better for mage!!

Post by zuljaz »

Guys what do you think which merc will be better for mage! deffinlty Hk but hw abt other merc an archer merc increases attack and evasion but other merc any 1 have experimented?? let us know?? :-?
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Re: which Mercy is better for mage!!

Post by Pain »

hmmm.... indeed Hk mercy is the best suited merc for a mage...... but if u wanna try another merc... go for Mage merc rather than Warrior merc..... even though warrior merc has elemental blow and pier skill..... where it blinds the target.... t doesnt comes much handy as tanking work is mostly done by mage.... if a mage wants to hit stigma while keeping warrior merc on boss.... then its not a very good idea.... as while the boss becomes blind with warrior merc skill.... it stops attacking merc or any person for given period of time and starts moving here and there as if there is no1 there.... and hence everytime mage has to set its merc on the boss.. such kind of arrangement proves to be FATAL while killing Ranias...... and believe me..... coz i have screwed my party members while i kept my warrior merc on 1 of the image of Rania :P

Where as..... Mage merc is good..... as it increases ur elemental damage and hence ur damage will be enhanced..... u can keep it at range and tank boss while u are out of MP.... as it has high attack rate and damage.... Moreover..... if amge merc blinds the enemy.... hence when u are tanking a boss while doing mele attack on it using redyan staff.... and if it is blind..... u wont get any damage from the boss.... and because of the high attack speed with redyan staff.... boss wont leave u away....

Hope u'll benefit from my experience..... :)
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