[15th August 2012] Minor Server Changes

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[15th August 2012] Minor Server Changes

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Dear Players,

We have made minor changes to the Server when it was down for Maintenance.

[*] A3 Mania Mobile Authenticator is much faster and login is also faster now.
[*] Reduced the Parole in whole of Proxima Orbis to 10 Minutes per player kill.

Also, we have migrated the database to newer version. As as result, we have done the following changes.

[*] All the User IDs are now Case Sensitive meaning that if you have any capitals in your User ID, you will have to use the Capital letter only.
[*] You could now use Symbols in the Mercenary Names. Earlier the Symbols were converted to "?" which is now fixed.
[*] Optimized the database for performance. Login should be really fast now.

Note: We have got reports that few people have lost their Friend's List. Please re-add your friends.

Please let us know if there are any issues so that we could fix them at the earliest.

Thank You and a Happy Independence Day to everyone!
A3 Mania Server Dev.

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