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Challenge the Thol

Posted: Tue Jun 15, 2021 6:03 pm
by [GM]Shock

Re: Challenge the Thol

Posted: Tue Jun 15, 2021 6:04 pm
by [GM]Shock
This Topic is Meant for POSTING CHALLENGES ONLY!

Winner and participants of Tholl wars would get access to the castle and shops of the town. They will be able to withdraw taxes (Huge amount of Wz) and use the Hideouts to their liking. Only one town will have a Thol (temoz/quanato).

Here are the Requirements which every KH has to meet to put forth its Challenge.

1. KH must be full.
2. KH should have a crest.
3. Each member should pay 1 Billion woonz as registration fee.
4. Atleast 4 members must be Rebirth 12 in the Knighthood.
5. Maximum of 3 players of the same class excluding the KH Leader.
6. Knighthood should be from the opposing town which is currently having a Thol.
7. The Knighthood should be FINAL. Any changes in the Knighthood Members after the War wouldn't be allowed and you would have to fight any future THOL Matches with the same Knighthood Members.

Nominations should be made in the format below. Copy it and Edit it accordingly while posting nominations. If not followed, I will delete your nomination.

Code: Select all

Town Name:
KH name: (Exact with special characters if any)
KH Member 1 : XXXXXXXX (Rb-XX Lvl-XXX)
KH Member 2 : XXXXXXX (Rb-XX Lvl-XXX)
 and so on till the no. of members in the knighthood.

War Criteria

1. There would be 6 hours Knighthood vs Knighthood war in the Maps and Knighthood Battle Ground Map. [100 Points]
2. Total 3 Knighthood vs Knighthood Matches in Arena under GM supervision. [50 Points per Match]

Rules and Regulations

1. You need to post a Challenge and wait for the GM to review your Challenge.
2. Once a Challenge is approved by the GM, both the knighthood leaders will be notified in this topic and the proper schedule for each match will be posted in the separate topic.
3. Challenges will be based on first come first serve basis. There will be only one active challenge at a time.
4. If the Challenging Knighthood wins or if the Thol Knighthood refuses to fight, the Thol would be dethroned and the winning Knighthood will be awarded the Tholan in their respective country.
5. If the Thol Knighthood wins over the challenging Knighthood, the participation fees paid by the Challenging Knighthood amounting to 13 Billion Woonz would be paid to the Thol.
6. GM Decision and Timings are final. If any players are missing at the time of the event, the War will continue on without that player.
7. Once registered, the Knighthood shouldn't have any kind of changes. Same applies to the Thol Knighthood.

If you have any questions, please open a new Topic in the General Discussions.

Current Thol

Town Name: Quanato
KH name: ™…ƒçkõƒƒ…™
KH Leader : Draugr (Rb-12 Lvl-165)
KH Town: Quanato
KH Member 1 : Bancho (Rb-12 Lvl-165)
KH Member 2 : Ragingknight (Rb-12 Lvl-165)
KH Member 3 : Veyron (Rb-12 Lvl-165)
KH Member 4 : Furygirl (Rb-12 Lvl-165)
KH Member 5 : Lainos (Rb-12 Lvl-165)
KH Member 6 : Capricorn (Rb-12 Lvl-165)
KH Member 7 : Terra (Rb-12 Lvl-165)
KH Member 8 : Haramzadi (Rb-12 Lvl-165)
KH Member 9 : Snapshot (Rb-12 Lvl-165)
KH Member 10 : Caly (Rb-12 Lvl-165)
KH Member 11 : Babayaga (Rb-12 Lvl-165)
KH Member 12 : Hyperion (Rb-12 Lvl-165)