For GMs: Adding some excitement to the Game

Any suggestions to make A3 Mania a better place is welcome.
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Re: For GMs: Adding some excitement to the Game

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Re: For GMs: Adding some excitement to the Game

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Dear Scar thanks for a detailed response to my earlier post.
We would also appreciate it if you could do something about obsolete items. Almost all G8 Uniq strength weapons except GHrasat have kind of become obsolete and the same goes more or less for all dex items exception being Illmar. Similarly, many unique rings are sharing the same fate. Many of the folks have these items in other words these items are available in bulk on the server cumulatively with all players. Hardly any buyers for these items as they are not worth it.
So if GMs could come up with some kind of way that these items could be recycled and get some value out of them. Something like a wheel of fortune would be great.
Example:- I had over 5 unique i.e. ishnish - Verser - horur - Rhnosis etc to GM or a BOT like NPC in the game who then generates a code and gives it to us (like Pulchir tickets). THen we can log in to our respective ACP punch those codes and get 5 tickets. Which we can use to spin the wheel of fortune in ACP.
Give these codes to one of the NPC who will allow the said person to spin the WOF (Like we used to do in the past - write the code to Guard outside Q to get 4 Bill Wzz monthly - I guess it was some platinum package or diamond pack membership)
The WOF can contain GOS SOS Wzz - Js - G boxes - % off e-shop products etc.

It's been almost 13 years since the server started. 4Bill Large bar is not good enough we need bigger bars. The reason for asking this is also due to the fact that we have issues in trading them "Trust issues"
For example - I want to buy a lvl 15 G9 Uniq or G10 weapon which costs around 36 - 40 bill. However, in a 1-time trade, I can only put a max of 4 L gold bars which is 32 Bill. I am aware there are other ways you can deal with this. But my emphasis is on the point that we need larger bars. The highest-priced item on the server at this point of time is 140 ESS which can be sold for 100 - 140 Bill depending on buyer and seller. So the need for larger Bars or Bills would be awesome. This will make space in invt as well.
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