Suggestions for GMs

Any suggestions to make A3 Mania a better place is welcome.
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Suggestions for GMs

Post by Goldenarrows »

Hi GM,

I would like to suggest that the -20% def gained from ESS should be completely removed from Sidhe maps as bar have already become less there. Also this might mean that T may come for some fun war or even bossing (fingers crossed when I type this :)) )

Also I would suggest a increase in defense penalty for normal maps like Chloro and other beta maps!
It would be fine to increase it from -20% to -30% as majority of the players have nullified the -20% in defense by compensating it with other stats. There is no more room for compensating it as decreasing the bar is not an option for many people! The importance of the 140 ESS is also lost nowadays due to this factor!

ALSO TO MAKE THE GAME INTERESTING...How about adding a surprise random element in 140 ESS only?
This random element will change every 24 hours say at 12 am or 12 pm? Possible cron job or such? You judge best!
i would suggest that it can come on automatically and be displayed at the top right of the screen where larc icons appear! So in that case there wont be any issue of players being offline or online to refresh these random stats after 24 hours! Just an idea though!

These random elements can be (in %) like +5 crit rate, crit evasion, magic evasion, accuracy or +100 attack or def, or +1000 hp bar, +5 nullify skills or +5 damage reduction and such!

Was also waiting assigning of a chat channel especially for Town during wars like NC, Artifact, Arena 1 & 2, etc.

Hope to see these changes, if possible!

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Re: Suggestions for GMs

Post by Gigantic »

1) Suggestion for Unique Set Options:
Unique sets give only +100 HP and +100 MP bars respectively. Is there a possibility to increase it to +400 HP and +400 MP bars as it was before the updates? Secondary stats increase of Attack power and Defense power are higher than primary stats increase but secondary stats increase in HP and MP and bars are too less compared to primary stats increase. I request Game masters to look into this and please reply if possible.

2) Costumes:
Costume buying cost is nearly 20b, but costumes and g10 helmet have same options. My suggestion here is please try to add some extra options for its worth and make costumes worth the number of mark of rubals spent to get it.
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Re: Suggestions for GMs

Post by publicspeaker »

Banbot should be re-introduced again.
After logging in after months I see there is peace in game but some crabs are still at work in regards to abuse , provoke others and have shout abuse .
If banbot or chat ban issue is there we can peacefully ban them and have a clean environment like before
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Re: Suggestions for GMs

Post by [GM]Olly »

There are some changes pending for Proxima. It will be a very big overhaul. I will post the details soon.
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