FOR GMs: Open NC for farming of woonz by New Comers!

Any suggestions to make A3 Mania a better place is welcome.
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FOR GMs: Open NC for farming of woonz by New Comers!

Post by Goldenarrows »

Dear GMs,

I would suggest that you should consider reopening Nevia Canyon for newcomers who find it difficult to farm woonz and other crafting materials in normal bossing maps due to PKs and Boss Ks. Me included in the Pkrs and KSers though :p
A few left the servers, maybe, as I have not seen them for a month or so as they were unable to farm woonz and stuff for higher Rbs.

a) If it's not possible, for whatever reasons, to keep NC open for the entire week then maybe on alternate days like MWF.
b) Also entry should only be allowed for level 160 and below so that Aura Players dont go to PK & KS.
c) The Nevia creeps should drop g8s as before along with crafting items like drapur, aigis, etc. Can be made uncommon drops.
d) PK can be made off totally on farming days, but then, hey where's the fun in that ;)

This will allow new players to collect woonz and crafting items easily. And maybe lessen the people who get bored and quit.

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Re: FOR GMs: Open NC for woonz farming for New Comers!

Post by DazedFungus »

You are correct. I am a new player and i am getting PKed and KSed constantly when trying to do boss quest for tarts or simply when trying to quest in GP.

If its possible try to make PK not possible for players below 161 so that only Aura players can engage other Aura players for PK. And may it not possible for KS if a player engages he creep for at least 10% the the drop should go to that player unless the player leaves the area.
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