Questions to GM

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Questions to GM

Post by spiritguard »

This is a very imp issue. Gm can we know whats the drop rate for unq in Server, becoz i have hunted in clor but didnt get a single unq till date. Moreover in the last 2-3 months only 1-unq(illmar) and 2 gos has been dropped.
Do we have to buy the unq from Eshop or is there any drop rate(good) for unq. I knw this is the question raised again and again(but Gms are not able to answer quite satisfactorily). Here unq include - All g8 unq,gos,sos..

If somethng is not done regrading this problem than many players will stop playing the server becoz of low drop rate.. For eg. I introduced this server to my frnds.. they asked me all questions regarding the server like rb system, drop rate, epi 5 skills etc. When they came to know that no unq have been dropped since the activation of server they quited the server....despite me forcing them to join the server..

I think its a big issue in terms of server life.. that the Gms should look into this matter carefully..

And please Gms dont say that the drop rate is pure luck... I knw on what basis a drop rate of a item is decided..

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Re: Questions to GM

Post by kazami »

I agree. I am a relitively new player to this server but frm what i hear there was a time when uni dropped frequently but now the only ppl who hav it r the ppl who buy it frm the eshop.

I understand the GMs need to make cash to keep the server running but if the uni is never gonna drop there is no use of the Wars as the ppl holding the uni will Tower over the rest......
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Re: Questions to GM

Post by lightningkiller »

i aggree with spiritguard...
recently even i hv noticed drastic decrease in the drop rate....
before the server went down for 1 day i used to get atleast 1 of each, kartas kripis, aigis, drapur, per tart quest...
when server came online after the 1 day break, i onli get aigis(2-3 per tart quest) and rarely the other ones....

plz look it this matter....
hope it is taken under considertaion asap....

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Re: Questions to GM

Post by spider »

i too agree with spiritguard..
in this few weeks have bossed so many hatrel cloro nd many others maps bosses but still no uniques rather they drops g7 or g8 which is very sad coz hatrel boss ususally known to drop uniques are dropping g7s .so gms its an earnest request plz see to the drop rate of uniques.....

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Re: Questions to GM

Post by Numenor »

use the other similar thread to discuss this. Topic Locked.
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