Recall old folks.

Any suggestions to make A3 Mania a better place is welcome.
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Recall old folks.

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It was nice to come back and play A3 mania after almost a decade.
A little disappointed due to the drop and Cloro turning out to be the most inefficient map. Which once ruled A3 mania. As the drops were very rich in nature. Hope they bring back those glorious days.

Anyways this topic is not about that.

My suggestion would be to send email all the old players welcoming them back to play the game.
If you could give away some goodies to them to lure them back it would just act as a catalyst.
All the players needed to give an email address as a part of the registration process.
So getting this email address from the database would not be a tough job.

Even if 10% of the folks come back it will increase the traffic on the server and thus boost the economy of the server.
Ideally, this should be done once features of the game are improved to accommodate these 10 % folks.
Else the H maps would be overcrowded as its the only source of making a decent amount of wzz.
Furthermore once the membership is launched it will only boost the business of the sevrver.

It would make the server more fun to play as the old warlords would enjoy taking on the new players.

Hope this could be implemented.

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Re: Recall old folks.

Post by Zorathus »

LOL. I logged in here after 6 years. Any idea how many players are active ? Going by the forums, i barely see any.
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